Check Your Spanish Grammar

Its important to learn Spanish from basics.

That’s why I’m a big proponent of learning like a child! Exactly every child learns a new language while they are developing in their tiny first years. So what better to learn Spanish than to start learning Spanish Kids songs direct from You Tube

We have many Spanish grammar exercises to test your current knowledge of understanding and to determine if your Spanish is up to scratch. If you feel confident that you’ve mastered the language here’s a list of ways to prove your proficiency.

  • Sit for an exam
    The Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera otherwise known as the DELA is an accredited examination that will test the proficiency of candidates in three levels; beginner, intermediate or advanced. Once certified, you get a diploma to prove your aptitude which then could be mentioned as an extra credit in your resume.
  • Have a teacher test your Spanish language skills
    You may make arrangements to have a Spanish teacher test your proficiency. This of course would cost you a small fee.

Check Your Spanish Grammar

  • Online Quizzes
    There are plenty of online quizzes that would give you an idea of how good or (bad) your Spanish language skills are. Many of these are free so no need to concern yourself with associated costs. For instance has a bunch of free of tests and quizzes aimed at giving you an idea of how good your Spanish is.
  • Community Websites
    You could post a Spanish-English, Spanish-French quiz or any other combination you feel comfortable with in exchange for an evaluation of your own Spanish language skills. Basically, a native Spanish speaker will evaluate your language skills while you return the favor by evaluating their language skills in another language you’re fluent in.
  • Join Spanish Website, Blogs and Forums
    There are a plentitude of websites that cater for the beginners market.
  • Software
    Rocket Spanish, Michel Thomas, Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur Spanish are all but a small selection of Spanish learning courses aimed at the beginner and escalating into more advanced classes.

Read up in knowledgable FREE sources like Wikipedia for more exercises and Spanish grammar.